Hyperbole is the Worst

(Get the title?) Lately I’ve noticed that hyperbole is the primary literary device most bloggers employ, and it’s usually coupled with conversational writing that’s overly punctuated and short on substance. I. just. don’t. get. it. I read it, like, a million times a day. If I see it one more time, I might literally die. (See?)

It needs to stop. It’s too easy. It’s low-hanging fruit. It’s pandering to the lowest common denominator. Dig deep, be creative and really say something. Otherwise, it’s just static.

The publisher I’m currently working with is a stickler for good writing, more so than any other I’ve encountered in my career. I love it. He bans the use of great, delicious, tasty, yummy and all those other scrumptious (useless) words. He, too, frowns on hyperbole and superfluous yammering about nothing. Words should carry weight. Choose them carefully. I appreciate the challenge.

I try not to let my own writing get too flabby, even here. The brain needs to be exercised, too. As a writer, I value good writing, and as a reader, I am increasingly steering clear of content that’s too light and hyperbolic.

I sincerely hope that the internet soon discovers litotes and meiosis.

Here are a few well-written blogs I genuinely enjoy:

The Full Helping (Gena was once an editor, and it shows.)

The Daily Garnish (Emily’s recent Instagram post about her dog’s passing was eloquent and inspiring.)

Small Measure (Ashley English has written several successful books on homesteading, and she strikes a balance between conversational and informative.)

Back to Her Roots (Cassie does conversational well, without veering too far into gibberish.)

Do you expect good writing from the blogs you read? Do you think it matters? 

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