Looking for Asheville wellness classes and other health and wellness offerings in the region? You’ve come to the right place.

Stepfanie Romine is available for small groups, workshops and corporate wellness presentations. She is based in western North Carolina but can travel to you. These are her current workshop offerings, but she can present on other topics, if desired.

As a registered yoga teacher (E-RYT 200 and RYT 500), Stepfanie can also offer customized yoga workshops and classes for all levels. She also works with Asheville Wellness Tours to offer half- and full-day retreats and workshops.

Please inquire for availability and rates.

Current Workshop Offerings with Stepfanie Romine


Meal Planning Made Easy

Are you spending more than you’d like on groceries each month, often wasting food or buying ingredients with no clue how you’ll use them? How often do you leave dinner planning until the last minute, only to order takeout or cobble together something that’s less than satisfying? You’re not alone!

Meal planning is the secret to sticking to a food budget, reducing food waste and eating healthy, home-cooked dinners most nights of the week. If you’re unsure where to start, let Stepfanie Romine, a certified health coach and co-author of two best-selling cookbooks, help you get started.

For over a decade, Stepfanie has shared her passion for healthy cooking as a writer and recipe developer, and now she’s sharing her best tips for planning and cooking healthy, delicious dinners — without spending all your free time and money. (Spoiler alert: You don’t have to cook dinner every night!)

Stepfanie will share her Cook Once, Eat Twice and Double-Up methods, offer tips on streamlining grocery shopping and help you put together a weekly meal plan. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a plan and a list —you’ll be ready to grocery shop and start cooking!

2 hours


Superfoods Made Simple

Learn how to make healthy, satisfying meals and snacks using everyday staples as well as local and exotic superfoods like turmeric, maca, reishi, wild blueberries and spirulina. Curious about an ingredient? We can teach you how to use it, whether it’s in a home-cooked meal or your morning smoothie.  

You’ll get to sip and sample several smoothies and elixirs custom-designed to support your health and wellness goals. And we’ll send you home with all the recipes! If there’s a specific superfood — be it a plant or mushroom — you’d like us to include, please email Stepfanie at theflexiblekitchen.com to inquire about it.

90 minutes


Plants That Heal: Cooking with Herbs

Herbs and spices are the triple threats of the kitchen: They are low in calories, add loads of flavor and provide a concentrated source of nutrients. If you tend to skimp on the spices or simply don’t know how to use them, you’re not alone — and we can teach you! You’ll learn which herbs and spices play nice together, and which ones can also help keep you healthy. That’s right — your spice cabinet can double as your medicine cabinet!

You’ll take home a seasonal herb blend along with several other recipes, plus a new-found confidence in seasoning your food.

2 hours

Sustainable Goal Setting

We often set intentions, which guide our energy and actions, as we prepare to make changes in life. Sometimes, we need a little more structure and preparation to stay focused on those intentions — and turn them into reality.

Join certified health coach and author Stepfanie Romine for a workshop that will help you take inventory of your life and turn your intentions into concrete goals. Whether you want to find work-life balance, organize your family’s busy lives, focus on your health or establish a regular yoga practice, the principles remain the same. Take stock of where you are and where you want to be — then make a plan to get there.

Stepfanie combines her health coach training, which is rooted in proven behavioral science techniques, with her knowledge of yoga and mindfulness to create a unique approach to goal setting.

In this session, Stepfanie will help you:

– Determine how ready you are to commit to change

– Bolster your commitment or discover goals, desires and ambitions that will work in your life right now

– Identify and remove the obstacles that stand between you and your best self

– Map a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to go

– Differentiate between habits that will create long-term sustainable change and those that can erode your motivation and momentum

This workshop is for you if:

– You set resolutions but lose steam and abandon them.

– You feel ready and eager to change but are not sure where to start.

– You make lists and tend not to finish them.

– You struggle to find time to care for yourself, though it matters to you.

– You want to commit to your health and well-being this year.

2 hours

Stress Management for Busy People  

There’s no avoiding stress — but we can learn to manage it. Stress impacts all aspects of our health, from our endocrine and immune systems to our digestive and nervous systems. Stress can interfere with sleep, lead to weight gain and even impact heart health. Chronic stress can cause inflammation and erode our natural defenses, too!

Our stress response is a natural defense mechanism to protect us from danger, but today’s modern world has rewired us to remain in “fight-or-flight” mode. Our “rest-and-digest” mode, or the body’s calm response, is there for us, and there is plenty we can do to access that built-in chill pill mechanism.

In this workshop, we’ll learn why we need stress, how it is supposed to work in the body and what we can do to manage it. From healthy eating and sleep hygiene to herbs and breathing techniques, we’ll fill our wellness toolboxes to help us build resilience and keep calm.

90 minutes

Consider the Source: Separating Health from Hype

Feeling inundated by advice about health and wellness? You’re not alone. Learn to separate health from hype in this workshop with Stepfanie Romine, a former journalist turned health coach, author and yoga instructor. Stepfanie uses the skills she learned as a reporter and combines them with her extensive wellness training to help you tune out the static.

We’ll look at the biggest health scams and pitfalls, discuss appropriate scope of practice for different types of health-care professionals and wellness providers — and answer your questions about what you’re hearing and reading.

Come with an open mind and plenty of questions. Expect a lively, positive discussion that will empower you to be your own best advocate when it comes to healthy living!

90 minutes

About Stepfanie

With a decade of experience working with major health and wellness brands, Stepfanie Romine is a health coach specializing in weight maintenance, work-life balance, stress management and healthy eating, including meal prep. She’s the co-author of three best-selling wellness titles, including The No Meat Athlete Cookbook, chosen by Sports Illustrated as a top health and wellness pick of 2017, and The Spark Solution, a two-week program to fast-track weight loss and total body health that has been on the U.S. News and World Report’s “best diets” list since 2014. She is currently working on a medicinal mushrooms cookbook.

Formerly editorial director at SparkPeople.com and copywriter for Gaia Herbs, Stepfanie has taught yoga since 2009 and is certified in health coaching and fitness nutrition through the American Council on Exercise.